In order to display the Gospel well, we must see missions as more than just another program of the church that competes for people and resources. We must see it as more than just what happens "over there," across oceans or borders or languages, as opposed to the "church ministry" that we do here. The New Testament church did not have a "missions program." The Church was the missions program. Every believer is called to display Christ where God has providentially placed them. We must send people into homes, neighborhoods, workplaces, schools, social circles, and to the ends of the earth in order to join God in His mission to unite everything in Christ (Acts 1:8).


As we study the Book of Acts we recognize that the priority for the church must include ministry that flows from the Great Commission (Matthew 28:18-20). This is identified as global ministry that focuses on reaching people with the Gospel by making disciples, training leaders and planting new churches. We also seek to meet the physical and social needs through holistic gospel transformation in every aspect of society. Currently, Cornerstone is invested in several strategic regions and people groups, nationally and internationally. See a list of our current local and global missionary partners HERE.

We also have a growing conviction that the church’s responsibility is to be deeply involved in the whole process of identifying, training, sending and sustaining missionaries and church leaders. We do this by providing Missionary and Church Planter Assessments, cross-cultural and worldview training, short-term exploratory trips, and Home Front Teams (small groups that rally around a particular missionary to encourage them, pray for them, and remind them of their connection to our community here). 

Here is more information and ways to get involved in Cornerstone's Global Ministries:

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