June 5, 2020

Dear Cornerstone Family: 

We are praying for peace during tomorrow’s planned protest march in Simi Valley. Whether or not you agree with the views of those protesting, remember that not every nation grants its people the right to protest peacefully. The fact that we have been given that right in the United States is something for which we all can be grateful. 

We have appreciated the nonviolent protestors who have voiced their condemnation of the racial injustices in our society, but we are also saddened by the images of rioting, looting, and violence that have entered behind these peaceable demonstrations. There are many forces at work at this time. Some are working for good and others evil. Added to this, within our church, we have several believing men and women in law enforcement (along with other first responders) who have the daunting task of maintaining peace and order, even as much of the anger and violence is directed at them. We pray that they may carry out their duty with wisdom, restraint, and honor, recognizing the dignity of every person as made in God’s image (Gen 1:26-28; James 3:9-10).  

In light of this, we are asking our entire church family to join us in prayer at 7:30pm tonight. Instead of going down the paths of fear and worry, we must do what God has called us to do and pray (Phil. 4:6-7). Our church family is scattered among most of the neighborhoods of Simi Valley, so please take some time to walk your neighborhood, alone or together with others, and join us in praying for peace, restraint, and civility during tomorrow’s protest.


The Elders of Cornerstone