Cynthia has moved to a small town in South Asia to introduce physical and spiritual wholeness to the community through business. This district is famous for having communities who openly sell their daughters to traffickers, send their men to work abroad, and who offer their souls to idols. The ultimate goal is to reach unreached people with the gospel. She is also focused on combating the problem of human trafficking by addressing the issues that contribute to the vulnerability of young girls to traffickers such as poverty, lack of education, job skills and awareness.


    Viorel has been serving as the Pastor at Grace Baptist Church since 1993. The church is committed to raising up leaders to plant more churches in the Slatina area.

  • BENI & Alina CRUCERU

    Beni Cruceru graduated from Emanuel Christian University with a Masters in Pastoral Theology. Ordained as a pastor in September 2014, he and his family are working with his father, Viorel, in and around Slatina, Romania. He is the coordinator for childrens, youth, and music ministry. Though Beni has had many invitations to work with other large churches, he has decided to stay in the south where there is the biggest need for the Gospel. 

  • M & J

    Bio coming soon!


    Jared and Mary Beth are church-planters in the NoHo Arts District (North Hollywood, CA). They moved there in the fall of 2014 with a small team of people, excited to display and declare the love and truth of Jesus Christ to the people around them. Jared was previously on staff as the worship pastor at Cornerstone Simi from 2010-2014. For more information, please visit www.nohochurch.com. 

  • TIM & Heather HARDY

    Tim’s passion is to see the Lord glorified throughout the world.  He has been serving the local church since 1990 with a heart to mobilize the body of Christ to engage in God’s mission both across the street and across the world.  His goal is to help followers of Jesus seamlessly integrate God’s global purposes in and through the fabric of their lives.  He currently serves with an international mission reaching across to the Islamic community and seeking to build bridges between followers of Jesus and followers of Islam.

  • MATT & Mai HIGBY

    Matt has been serving in Long Beach, CA with Japanese international students for the past 3 years. This ministry focuses on evangelism and discipleship of Japanese returnees who will bring their new faith back to their homeland to be witnesses for Christ. He is now in the process of transitioning to a long-term church planting team in Osaka, Japan with Encompass World Partners.


    Brad & Amber Jones and their three girls; Zoe (2004), Piper (2007), and Lola (2010) are working on the island of Uripiv in the small South Pacific country of Vanuatu. They're partnering with the local community and indigenous churches by providing both linguistic support and discipleship training to encourage the passionate pursuit of God and His story. They are continuing the work of evangelism/discipleship training using the tools of translation, literacy, and Bible teaching, community development, and language research. Currently, they are working on a translation of Genesis, and they have started teaching chronologically through the Old Testament.  

  • M & C

    M & C's hearts were captured over twenty years ago with a passion for Muslims to come into a living and life changing relationship with Jesus. They first left for the Middle East in 1991. Most of that time was spent in Syria.  

    Although they had to leave Syria in 2009, they later returned to another country in the region. The war in Syria has brought them into contact with many Syrian refugees, and they have become increasingly involved with outreach and ministry among them. They are also inviting their local Muslim neighbors to follow Jesus with them.  

    They believe God will raise up disciple-making followers of Jesus; those who will faithfully share and make other disciples. They are looking to see a disciple-making movement established among Muslims for the glory of God.  

  • E & A

    E & A are currently training with New Tribes Mission in Missouri to prepare for long-term ministry in Southeast Asia. This training will involve learning principles of church-planting and discipleship and laying the foundations for international ministry. Their prayer is to move to Southeast Asia in the Fall of 2018 to begin language and culture acquisition. Their long-term goal is to disciple key leaders and pastors to take the Gospel to remote, unreached peoples in Southeast Asia where outsiders have restricted access. 


    Lena graduated from CSULA with degrees in early childhood education and curriculum development. She began her mission work in 2008 and is passionate about equipping and empowering African Christians and Christian organizations to rise up and transform their communities for Christ. She believes by equipping local believers she is not only providing them long term sustainability options but she is also helping them to understand their God-giving purpose, helping them to own the calling that God has put on their lives. She does this mainly through curriculum development, organizational development and vision planning support through her missionary role with New Mission Systems International. In-country organizations, she continues to work with include but are not limited to: Africa Renewal Ministries, Mavuno Church (Kenya/Uganda), Eden Mission(DRC Congo), Beauty Springs, Christ Heart Ministries, St. Agnes Academy, Loving Hearts Babies Home, The Equipped Wife Ministries, eWaAfrica, and several others. For more information on Lena's ministry, email her at lpira@nmsi.org


    This family helps run an organization focusing on four main objectives; economic development to a war torn country, humanitarian aid, education and cultural exchange. They currently run a daycare, preschool and Kindergarten for little children and have a youth center and cultural center for the young adult and older. They focus on teaching English in all areas of our educational institutions but are also able to teach other subjects as well, like computers, democracy, etc. For Economic development they have micro businesses that provide jobs for those that have been excommunicated from society, family, etc because of their choice to follow HIM, and need to provide an income for their livelihood and safety. These businesses include a souvenir Shop, Water Well/bottling company as well as a chicken farm. Through the help of others overseas that are like minded they are able to provide food distributions, wheelchair distributions and medical clinics to a very needy city primarily made up refugees on a yearly basis. 


    They are a family who wants to see mature churches raised up in the most remote regions of this world. There are over 2500 people groups in this world with distinct languages and cultures, that are totally isolated from and without a witness of the truth of Jesus Christ!


    The Rees' have been trained to move into a remote location, learn the undocumented tribal language of the people there, develop a written language and literacy program and then translate Scripture into said language. All this in hopes of seeing an indigenous sister church planted among the people there!


    Thomas and Laura, along with their children, Noah and Emma, are living among the Nagi people group in a remote village in the jungles of Asia Pacific. In October 2015 the Nagi people heard the gospel message for the first time ever in their heart language, and a church was born! Thomas and Laura plan to spend the next years helping disciple these baby believers into maturity, and equipping them to reach out to neighboring villages who have still yet to hear the gospel of truth.


    Tim & Courtney Shontere have planted an Indigenous Tribal Church in the YembiYembi tribe of Papua New Guinea. Tim & Courtney are long term missionaries who are staying as many years as it takes until the Indigenous Pastors and Deacons are actually multiplying themselves and showing signs of a sustainable church. They are currently preparing lesson books and writing commentaries for the New Testament, all while engaging in daily discipleship with the leaders of the church.


    Jim and Sonya live in Southern California. Jim serves as the Perspectives Southwest Regional Director with Frontier Ventures (formerly The U.S. Center for World Mission) in Pasadena. He works with and helps train lay people to become coordinators to run the Perspectives Study Program at their church. Sonya serves as the Perspectives Trinity Credit Supervisor and is a member of the Judson school board. To date there has been about 200,000 U.S. Perspectives alumni and nearly 40,000 globally.  


    Vance and Jenn are currently serving in Central Poland with their two boys. They are focused on discipleship with the goal of launching both a discipleship and church planting movement in the region. They are currently working with 14 individuals, in addition to a few families, in intentional discipleship relationships. The goal is simple: disciples making disciples leading to multiplication and naturally forming churches in the city and beyond.

  • watanabe family

    Bio coming soon!

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