The Rock - High School Summer Camp
From Fri, Jul 30th at 8:30am to Tue, Aug 3rd at 7pm
Lake Don Pedro Marina 11500 Bonds Flat Rd La Grange, CA 95329

Often times our beliefs are challenged by the worldviews around us. In a culture that is telling us to follow “our truth,” how can we know what truth is? When our friends tell us we can believe whatever we want to without consequence, how can we know what to believe? This Summer our camp theme is "Perspective". We will be taking a long weekend on the lake to get away, have some fun, ski, wakeboard, tube and talk about worldview and truth. Join us at Lake Don Pedro for our annual houseboat trip. All upcoming 9th-Graduating 12th graders welcome! For parents registering their students, please be advised that the "Leader" spots are reserved for Student Ministry Volunteers only. Thank you!